Bruce Reyes-Chow - 1973So today is the big THREE-EIGHT, so I guess I am now officially in my late thirties.  Where did all the time go?  It seems like just yesterday I was some smart-ass punk acting way above his actual hipness quotient . . . oh wait, that was last week.  Still, one’s birthday is as good as any to reflect on one’s current state of affairs.
I was going to do a traditional “Things To Do Before I Die” but then realized as I thought about my list, I really have been as faithful as I could have hoped.  Not like I hope for any early exit, but if my days were to end today, I have no regrets.  So my list below is all frosting on my life-cake of Bruce 😉
But first, a couple of realizations that go against my urban, postmodern, transient sensibilities.

  • ONE WIFE // I have now known Robin, my wife of 16.5 years, for 1/2 of my life.  She was there when I was given a speeding ticket on my 19th birthday, this beginning a 6-month stay in  “suspended license world.” Not always easy, but always joy-filled.
  • ONE CAREER // I have pretty much had one career since graduating from college and grad school 12 years ago, congregational pastoring, first here and now here.  Still loving it!
  • ONE CITY // Since moving to SF for some girl (see above) SF has been my home.  California, born and raised baby . . . and let me further acknowledge my allegiance, NORTHERN CALIFORNIA!

10 Things That Would Be Nice To Do Before I Diein order from “Might Happen” to “Are those flying pigs?

10) Attend Oakland A’s Fantasy Camp and live like a major leaguer;
9) Travel to the Philippines and China with Robin and the girls to visit my grandparents villages;
8) Scan and organize our HUUUUUUUUUUUUGE storage box full of family pictures;
7) Lose about 40 pounds . . . and keep it off;
6) Attend my 60th Wedding Anniversary party in 2050 when I’ll be 71 and Robin 74;
Own and hang out in my own uber-cool-indie-SF wine bar and cafe along the lines of Java Monkey in Decatur, GA.
4) Be interviewed on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart for something not totally dorky;
3) Come into a windfall, start a foundation and travel the world giving away money to worthy organizations;
Go six months without worrying about having enough $$ to pay our crazy SF bills;
1) Blog tyop-free for one month . . . keep dremaing!

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