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Just trying to make it and help others do the same . . . as I go through life as a husband, father, son, grandchild, brother, third generation Filipino/Chinese American, pastor, mediocre guitarist and drummer, Oakland A’s FANatic, motorcycle enthusiast and total post-modern, culturally creative BOBO-fied Presbyterian follower of Jesus . . . or something like that?


 An ordained minister since 1995, this 40+ something California native is the founding pastor of Mission Bay Community Church. Bruce just loves Northern California and San Francisco and is excited about the possibilities for the ministry here in the San Francisco especially in the Excelsior District.  He graduated from San Francisco State University with a special major in Asian American Studies, Sociology, and Religion in 1990 and from San Francisco Theological Seminary in 1995. He has served the Presbyterian Church (USA) over the years as a preacher, worship leader, and keynoter.

As the main speaker / preacher / talking head at MBCC, Bruce believes that a good message is one that is relevant, is compelling, and creates an emotional and intellectual connection between life and faith. He is firmly convicted that life is just chaotic and that the key to finding security amidst the chaos is not to put life in a rigidly controlled box, but to embrace and claim God’s presence in the ambiguity—a difficult way to live, but a way that honors the authenticity of our lives and strengthens our relationship with God.

Bruce has lived in San Francisco since 1989 after growing up in Sacramento and Stockton. He now lives in the Sunnyside district of San Francisco with his wife since 1990, Robin Pugh; and three daughters, Evelyn, Abigail, and Analise. His free time is filled with hanging out in cafes, cheering on those awesome Oakland Athletics, and riding his yellow 2003 Ducati Monster 620ie, Dorabella, “Dori” Ducati.

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One of the leading voices of postmodern culture and its impact on the Christian church, Bruce was the Moderator of the 218th General Assembly of the 2.3 million member Presbyterian Church (USA) denomination.  Bruce is also the founding pastor of Mission Bay Community Church, a young, urban and quirky Church located in the Excelsior District of San Francisco.  A congregation in the Presbyterian Church (USA), MBCC is made up of mostly 20 and 30 somethings and is one of the highest reviewed religious organizations on

Bruce is particularly passionate about the intersection/s between faith, justice, culture and politics as he continues to work with communities on everything from immigration, labor, racial reconciliation and poverty. While labeled as a “progressive” or “liberal” by some Bruce is part of a generation of church leaders who are eager to see a church that engages in discourse that is not tied to tradition theological, political or ideological bounds.  He is also an avid blogger and social networker and has lead numerous worships and keynotes on the intersection between faith, technology and social media. 

While you can see what “they” are saying about him on Wikipedia, here is just a snippet of what others have said about Bruce:

The election was groundbreaking. Not only is Reyes-Chow the first Filipino American to head a major denomination, he is also entrusted with the responsibility of taking the church to the future, of appealing to younger and ethnically diverse demographics, and of putting a new face to a church whose membership has gradually declined. To meet this challenge, the church leader is harnessing the power of the Internet. – Filipinas Magazine, 11.09 

Like Obama, Reyes-Chow is young, incredibly smart, a gifted communicator, comfortable with new technologies, a facilitator who knows how to harness the wisdom of the larger group, and completely comfortable in a globalized, diverse, post-racial, post-gender, post-partisan interconnected world. – More Light Presbyterians, 11.08

Part of Reyes-Chow’s challenge will be trying to integrate the needs of younger Presbyterians into the traditional leadership of the church. He believes that younger generations are less divided by ideological conflict than in the past, more adept at accepting differences of views within one community – such as over homosexuality. – San Francisco Chronicle, 07.08

His answers to questions sounded direct, not calculated. He brought a big fan club. Members of his church just up the road in San Francisco cheered his microphone moments. Put that altogether, and you get the Obama Effect — that sense that this person, this out-of-the-ordinary person, is signaling a change in direction, a change in identity, a change in tone. Change is in the air, or to be more exact, a yearning for change fills our church’s air like the scent of coffee fills the neighborhood Starbucks. – The Outlook, 07.08 

The Rev. Bruce Reyes-Chow is a street smart preacher, a frequent blogger, a five-minute sermonizer and a risk-taker. The question: Has the General Assembly put the future of the Presbyterian Church (USA) at greater risk by electing Reyes-Chow as moderator for two years? The Presbyterian Layman, 06.08

Bruce is also a contributing blogger to The SF Gate, instructor on Social Media and Ministry at McCormick Theological Seminary and serves on the boards of Public Religion Research Institute and California Faith for Equality. In 2010 he was also appointed by California State Treasurer, Bill Lockyer, to serve on the Toyota NUMMI Blue Ribbon Commission charged with examining the impact of a car manufacturing plant closure in Fremont, CA.   Until October of 2010 he was the Co-Host of a Weekly Internet Radio Show, God Complex Radio.   

A native of California’s Central Valley, Bruce has lived in San Francisco for the past 20 years with his wife, Robin Pugh and three daughters. in 1991 he graduated from SF State with a major in sociology, philosophy and Asian American studies and received his graduate degree from San Francisco Theological Seminary in 1995.  Bruce is third generation Filipino/Chinese American, Oakland A’s fanatic and motorcycle enthusiast.  He describes himself as a Mac guy, mediocre guitarist and drummer and not nearly as cool or hip as he wants to be or thinks he is while single-handedly supporting the coffee industry of the SF Bay Area.  If you want to get in touch with him or keep up with his latest adventures, please feel free to make contact on twitter at [@breyeschow], via his facebook page at [breyeschowpage] or on his blog at [].

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