A couple of questions for you all my friends . . .

  • Are you happy?
  • Are you doing well?
  • Do you find joy in your life?
  • Are you ready for the future?
  • Are you economically kicking some serious booty?

Head on over to this Business Week article and take a look at the rankings around Competitiveness, Network-Readiness and Happiness.  These rankings are based on a survey of the top 55 most competitive countries based on 323 criteria: GDP, economic growth to exports, state supported education, corruption, etc.  Then – Cue Law & Order theme song – ohhh ahhhh . . .

The table below lists this year’s ranking. To add
a little spice, we’ve also included results for two other global
surveys. One, from the World Economic Forum, ranks countries according
to their "network-readiness," or how prepared they are to succeed in
the knowledge-based economy of the 21st century. The other, from a
British researcher, ranks countries by how happy they are, calculated
through a mix of statistics about health and welfare, plus answers to
survey questions about satisfaction. You can compare and contrast the
results by clicking the columns.

So . . . the best part about the chart – besides the cool bubble-wrap popping advert from DHL – is that you can rearrange each column and see where everyone lands when also ranked first by Happiness or Network Readiness.  Keep in mind that the last two columns don’t included anyone NOT ranked in the top 55 Competitiveness list.

In any case, some observations:

  • This can’t be good for the ex-Soviet country tourist industry;
  • Asia is seriously challenging in some areas, but darn, just are not that happy about it;
  • What’s up with those happy Nordic types, get to work!
  • Would be interesting to see where religion or lack of fits into the rankings;
  • Would your rather be at the top of one and at the bottom of others or just in the middle of them all?

Lastly, as I read this I couldn’t help but to think about where I am, my family is, church, etc.  For now, I think I can take my kids on all three, except for maybe the Happiness one, they got it pretty good 😉  Someday though, they are going to run right past me on the whole "Network-Readiness" page on their way to a life of high competitiveness . . . all in order to take care of their parents as we get old.

h/t: Creativity Exchange

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