So, I will fully admit that I am an eldest child with all of the baggage that may or may not come with that or is forced upon siblings that may follow.  Still, as parents of three wonderful chillin’s we try to be fair and just, we maintain appropriate roles within the family based on gifts and temperament and try are darnedest not favor one over the other.  Still, as we raise our three girls, it is quite interesting to watch textbook relationship issues play out and realize that we will never win.

Example: There is an "Evelyn Street" here in San Francisco.  Every time we pass by it, our middle daughter, Abigail gets weepy and asks, "Where is Abigail Street?"  As if we have some kind of control of the city planning department.  I can see her in therapy years from now trying to work out the oppressive nature of her childhood, "And they even had a street named for Evelyn, but not for me."  Lord help us if we discover an "Analise Avenue."  Oh well . . .

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