Below are are the places where I hope to take part int he greater blogging and casting community.  You will see that some are pretty neglected – great and grand intentions, I swear – while others contain a great deal of musings and rants.

Where I Blog in order of usage as of today

  • // my main blog
    This is where I do most of my reflecting and ranting.  Contents of this blog are my ideations and mine alone.  Here you will get a good mix of my thoughts on technology, pop culture, politics, religion, city living and all things in betwee.  Rated PG-13
  • // family blog
    This is the blog for my family and friends.  It is password protected, not that we are paranoid, but when some wacko shows up at our doors we don’t want to hear, "We told you so."
  • // podcasts
    Here you will find a mix of personal reflections and sermons as well as one of my pet projects, Urban Ideations, a conversations about faith, life and city living.

  • // asian american politics
    This is where I am part of a team of bloggers who reflect on issues that impact the Asian American community specifically and society in general.

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