EPISODE III – What the?!?!?!?  Yes, pop culture filtered by
yours truly.  A waste of time?  The pulse of contemporary culture?
Nope, just weekly rant and reflection about the sites and sounds that
have stimulated my brain for good or bad, and now regurgitated for your
reading pleasure.

Talk Hard, Steal the Air
Didn’t have a chance to see a flick this week, so I’ll have to reach into the archives to enoucraage folks to add to their Queue and watch again Pump up the Volume.  Oh you know you always wanted to be a high renegade DJ with the coolness factor of Slater.  Don’t deny it.  And what about Samantha Mathis, probably her best movie EVER.

MUSIC // Let’s take a ride . . .
Okay, despite the fact that I seriously showing my age – I DO own current tunes, BTW – I am staying old school with this week’s music choice.  This week, we venture back again to high school days with one of my favorite bands, Lakeside. 80’s funk/pop/r&b DOES NOT get any better than the classic, Fantastic Voyage – not coolio’s remake – and the slow jam classic, Say Yes.  Hey come on come on take a ride.

TV Squad //
A reason to clog your reader
Okay, maybe this is oversharing – me?!?!? – but here is just a glimpse into yet another guilty pleasure.  If you buy People magazine on trips, if you Tivo Best Week Ever or just happen to accidentally – but could stop any time – land on an entertainment show, this TV Squad Blog is for you.  While they do post on some shows that I do not watch or have broken my heart with it’s over-the-top-ness,
they are great at giving the scoop on latest episodes, predictions for
the future and other things that needlessly fill our brain and make us
think that characters are real people.  Let us dream.  For you fans out
there, take a gander recaps of the Grey’s Anatomy and The Office season enders . . . Go Pam and Jim!

MYSTERY LINK // Click at Your Own Risk
No words to
influence your thoughts on this weekly link. Might be very cool or very
scary, you make the call!  This week’s link, courtesy of this month’s
celebration. [CLICK HERE]

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