Img_2643So it has been approximately 12 hours since I arrived in this very flat city known as Dallas for an event with the L2 Foundation and Leadership Network.

As usual I was not really ready to leave, miss the family already and forgot my deodorant (TMI?)  But after getting in late last night, ordering  Texas Chinese food delivery, not being able to sleep without a wife and two little girls hogging the bed, a Walgreen’s stop to pick up aforementioned deodorant and a network cable for my room, the reflections on my Dallas excursion begins.

Observations thus far on the sweet "D"

  1. APOLOGIES in advance to my TX friends in advance that I am not going to be able to see ANY local eateries or hang-outs.  I oh so wanted to visit the Rudd’s stomping grounds, but alas, grand plans and no rental car.  I must come clean, that I am at a Starbuck’s between the hotel and the conference location.  I am soooooo sorry.
  2. What the heck is that stuff falling from the sky?  Could that be this phenomenon I have heard is called "rain?"  Storming in the AM but looks like it might clear up today.  I’ll bring some home.
  3. Very cool that the cab driver who took me to the airport was from Thailand and we had a great conversation about the Asian population here in Dallas and then the Shuttle driver from the hotel was from Eritrea and we talked about the diversity of our respective cities.  I am telling ya, put a couple of brown people in a car together . . .
  4. There is country music being played here at Starbucks . . . really?  Cliché much?

That’s it for now.  See you later this evening, after Day one of the Wild Challenge!

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