Img_2646So day I of the Asian American Wild Challenge and it was quite the day. Is it only Monday?!?!?   Pretty tired right now, but thought I would jot down a few thoughts.

One word has described the day, "conversations" . . . yes, uber-cheesy, but true.  I have had conversations with folks from traditions and churches that I would not otherwise be connected to.  There is some pretty creative stuff being done out there and despite the fact that we come from VERY – did I say VERY – different theological and cultural backgrounds, the interactions have been rewarding.  I have shared some things about MBCC’s cultural and theological positions and while I know folks do not agree, the response have been more appreciative for our ministry that judgment about my pastoral leadership. 

Then, I had a great conversation with the desk person here at the hotel.  Turns out his kids when to Luther Burbank High School in Sacramento too.  Small world.

Not sure where all this leads, but even if we ended today, the time and resources would be well worth it, not just for the good of my own ministry, but for the health of the greater Body of Christ.

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