So I did it.  Despite my yearnings to stay with this very cool site, I deleted my account from Seems kind of insignificant, but for those of us who have enjoyed the style, vibe and communal nature of this SF-based mag site, recent developments have tainted the whole experience.

Now granted we only get one side from Derek – BTW, I only know him through JPGmag and 1 degree of separation – in his post The Real Story of JPG Magazine and the follow-up Why I Did It, but if only a small portion of what is said is true, man . . . and I thought the church could be harsh.

Again, I realize in the whole scheme of things, this conflict at a high-tech artsy website pales in comparison to issues of global violence and poverty, but there are a few observations to make that might be helpful for us as all as we strive to be in authentic community.  Here are a couple of quotes from his posts that are some nuggets that we all might do well to remember.

On Transparency: I chose to tell this story because I wanted the community I spent three
years growing to know that I didn’t leave on a whim. As sad and embarrassing as it is to tell, I put the truth out there because my
personal and professional credibility is on the line.

On Truth Telling: If there’s one thing I’ve learned about community-building, it’s this:
Do Not Lie. People are too smart and well-connected to believe a lie
anymore. So, with that in mind, the story I’m about to tell is
absolutely true as I experienced it.

On Community: I’ve always said that JPG doesn’t own its community – it rents. And
that rent is paid by treating the community members with honesty,
integrity, and respect.

Farewell once awesome it’s been real.

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