Now I will not be so brazen to wear a "band wagon fan" Golden State Warriors jersey for my trip to Dallas next week, but  I will admit that I should leave behind any preconceived notions I have about Texans.  I have met some cool folks in the past few months who hail from the Longhorn state . . . and not just from Austin πŸ˜‰

First . . . where should I eat?  Not sure how many breaks I’ll have, but a Texas breakfast place would be dandy!

Second . . . the real reason I am headed out there is to attend and event for folks who are pastoring Asian and multi-ethnic churches and who apparently have some energy, ideas, etc.  Sponsored by the Leadership Network and the L2 Foundation and run through a process from Wildworks, this event is being called the "Wild Challenge" and I really have no idea what I am getting myself into. 

Leadership Network is hosting a select group of the nation’s most pioneering Asian American pastors to take what we call The Wild Challenge. This is an innovative, accelerated experience that creates the ideal environment for time-challenged leaders to gain a fresh perspective about your current ministries, to learn from other leaders who are passionate about developing churches for a new generation, and to discover strategic conclusions for your church.

The Wild Challenge is not like anything else you have ever done. This fast-paced experience uses a process originally developed WildWorks to facilitate meaningful results-based conversations. Using a combination of group discussion, team work, and interactive challenges, The Wild Challenge will drive the assembled group to formulate collaborative strategies for the ministry opportunities of the day.

If I have to do trust falls, I think I might have to leave . . . so much pressure πŸ˜‰  I am trusting DJ Chuang, who finagled the invite and being open to whatever God may have in store.  I will say that the churches that will be represented are not the the folks who I usually run with, so I am jazzed to expand my understanding and experience of the body.  It is pretty interesting that I keep up with some of the pastors via their blogs.   I will keep folks up to date on the event, but until then here are the congregations that will be in attendance.

And oh yeah, if you know of anywhere to eat?!?!?!?

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