This has been on my “That’s Blog” list for a while . . . someone sent me this article a few months back from Christianity Today, “Dating Jesus: When Lover of My Soul Language Goes to Far.”  This particular article pokes fun at some Christian music and imagery that makes Jesus just a little too close.

I don’t question the devotion of anyone who says she loves Christ intensely, whatever language she uses to express it. But I have little patience for taking biblical metaphors too far and giving one’s relationship with God an air of irreverent chumminess. Somehow, the scenario in which “his princess” shaves her legs for a date with Jesus seems to leave little room for fear of God.

I have always been a big proponent of “inclusive” or “expansive” language that helps us gain a broader understanding of who God is but I have always felt a little weird about a romantic Christ.

There is one thing to love Jesus, but quite another to LUUUUUUUUUV Jesus.

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