Gophers burrow through life without seeing the havoc they create. They can’t help having tunnel vision, but you can.

Gophers_2I saw this add from SAS, a business software company, and I thought, "Brilliant!" then of course, "That’ll blog."

Without even knowing it how often have we been gophers in church, family, work, etc.?  We focus on one thing to the detriment of so much else.

The grace of God is made real for me in that, knowing that I can be like this, I don’t beleive I am now supposed to curl up in a corner and cry.  In fact, the faith that I have in God’s presence is that even when I am gopher-esque in my living, I think God would rather me keep digging, keep trying, keep thinking . . . because there are moment when we can poke our heads above ground and actually see what impact we are having on the world around us.  We leave our collective and individual gopher-ocity behind and our actions are aligned with God’s will.  For those briefa and holy moments of grace I give thanks to God.

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