Guilty as charged!  I suck at typing and I know this is no surprise to anyone – and you know who you are! I am not talking about correct grammar – as so much is debatable – but your run of the mill typos and mistakes that even spellcheck can’t save.   Now I know for some folks typos drive you NUTS.  These mistakes color your reading and in some small way make you think less of the writer . . . just projecting here 😉 While for others, not a big deal, as long as the meaning is still there.

Now of course, those of us who are typo-prone would like to get better, but there is just something in our DNA that makes it difficult.  It is kind of like people who are chronically late or folks who have no filters during social interactions, we try, we know it is a problem, but it is just difficult.

But Why I ask!?!?!?!?!?

Are our minds faster than our fingers, or our fingers slower than our mind?  Are we so filled with profundity and big-picture thinking that we can’t be bothered with the granular nature of spelling?  Are we just insensitive morons who hide our lack of care behind screens of self-proclaimed creativity?  Are we fighting the oppressive nature of language that further institutionalizes divisions of class, wealth and education?  Or are we just stoooooopid?

So I have gone in search of some reasons why some people are more prone to typos rather than the normative reason that is given, "You just don’t care enough about your work, the reader or yourself, you big-time rushing slacker, sloppy boy!"

When I did a Google Blog Search for "Why Typos" I got a few interesting posts like 10 Most Common Typos in Blogging and Do Typos Matter.  I couldn’t find any non-defensive sounding posts about ANY reason/s why some people are just more prone to making typos.


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