Quick . . . if cheesy parent talk makes you gag, break out in a sweat or  trigger “Where are my grandchildren?” rant flashbacks from your parents, RUN RUN! AWAY NOW!  I am about to start oozing joyful daddy stuff.  Sorry, I know that it makes me kind of ill when others do it too . . . but as many of you know I am about the drippiest dad out there and I have not really dripped here in a while.

I was caught in one of the blogging spirals where I was looking at Poplicks and discovered that one of the writers, Oliver Wang also blogged over at Rice Daddies which eventually lead me to MetroDad and Stroller Derby, all great blogs on modern-day urban parenting, especially for dads. . . gotta love the blog network.  One of the notes was “An Open Letter to All Toddlers” which was very funny and inspired me to jot down some notes for my girls.

Okay so here it goes, cue any of the following background music choices . . .

  • Bob Carlisle’s “Butterfly Kisses”
  • Christian Aguilera’s “Beautiful”
  • Will Smith’s “Just the “Two of Us”

A Letter to my Daughters

AKA “Remember this letter when you are screaming down the stairs that you ‘HATE ME’ and I am “RUINING YOUR LIFE!'”

May 1, 2007

Dear Evelyn, Abigail and Analise,

I love being your dad, and pretty sure mom loves being your mom 😉  I could  not have imagined the amount of joy that you give to both of your parents every time we see you.  It always hits me at different times, the amazing gifts you have been to our lives: when you are sleeping, when you discover something new and yes, even when you take one more step towards independence no matter how difficult it is for me to witness.

Now you will have to talk with mom about your special mother-daughter relationship issues – I’ll be cowering in the corner if you need me – so I’ll just tell each of you why I so enjoy being dad.

Evelyn . . . my oldest child (10)

You are fiercely independent and head strong!  Sure, sometimes a pain-in-the-butt now, but these traits will serve you well later.  Ev, every day your dad gets a little weepy as I watch you transform into a young lady.  Your mind, body and spirit are making huge strides into being who God hopes for you to be.  I so love your tenacity and ability to live above so much that often makes other people wilt away.  I have no doubt you will do well in whatever you choose to do.  Last week another part of you was made obvious when the Chow side gathered in Vegas.  When we went out to dinner, without being told, you walked hand-in-hand with your great-grandmother as the rest of your family barreled ahead.  The two of you, you supporting Gma as she walked, 65 years and three generations apart walking hand in hand is an image that I will not soon forget.  You, my lovely daughter, are wonderful.

Abigail . . . ahh, my little cuddle-bug (6)

 Sweet sweet Abby, you too are a bucket full of joy!  Adventurous does not do justice to the spirit that we see inside of you.  Woe to the person who stops at your cuteness, because you have shown time and time again, that you will not be underestimated.  As you have been coming into your own upon the start of school, you have already begun to draw people to you with your personality, presence and an energy that feeds the soul! I can hardly wait to see what you will do as you continue to find your way . . . before you run away to New York City to find your dream on Broadway, please let us know.

Analise . . . our ‘beastie’ (3)

With such strong sisters ahead of you, some might have worried that the third child would be lost in the mix.  Clearly they would be mistaken 😉  You carry such a big presence is such a little body that you just make us laugh.  Even though your sisters try to confuse you with “words” and their years of earthly experience, you do not give in . . . and usually win.  You have reminded me that joy comes in so many ways and as you keeping getting bigger each day, I an filled joyful with anticipation for the life you will lead.

And a few last things for all of you . . .

  1. Do not think that you will ever stop being our babies, no matter how big or old you think you are.
  2. Always remember that no matter how “successful” you become, nothing you have achieved was done on your own.  Your immigrant roots, your church, your family and God have all been a part of your formation and growth.  Treat these gifts with care.
  3. You will always have a home with us . . . no matter how hard life may become, how desperate you may feel, how hopeless life may seem, always know you are loved.
  4. Letting go totally sucks, so please be patient as your parents try to guide and nurture you the best we know how.  Sometimes we may mess up, but for the most part, we really do know better.
  5. Always wear sunscreen . . . you are mixed after all 😉

Lastly, be nice to your mom, she already has to deal with your dad.

Love always,

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