Cross So for those of you who have seen the cross we have at MBCC, you know.  This is thing is about 8 feet tall, made of two 4×4 solid pieces of treated wood and HEAVY.  Since we have so many events at the church we are constantly moving this thing around.  "Hey, can you hold my cross for a minute?" is inevitably uttered and is irreverently funny every time.

So let me add to the MBCC cross lore.   Today I was resetting our space after an event and as I was lifting the cross up over something, it slipped out of my hands and landed right on my flip-flop clad foot.  Ouch.  At first I noticed that I may have cut myself, but thought nothing of it.  Until . . . I slipped on something.  Upon closer examination, that something was a pool of blood that had gushed out of my foot.  Nice.

I dare not make any jokes, comparisons or snide remarks for fear of offending anyone further. Plus, the jokes are too numerous that I don’t even know where to begin.   But . . . when I got home and told Robin, the first thing out of her mouth was something along the lines of, "I know Jesus didn’t, but I wonder if you can get workers comp for that?"  So supportive, and oh so funny.

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