UPDATE 05.31.07 AM:  Thanks to TypePad Support and validator.w3.org I found one stinkin’ a missing quotation mark that through everything else out of whack.  Yet, one more reason I am not a coder.

Here I sit waiting from TypePad’s awesome help department to get back to me and tell me why demons have possessed my blog and pushed everything into one column.  Yes, I am that non-techie . . . which is what I LOVE Typepad in the first place.  That and the super cool TYPEPAD PAGES feature that they have just added to the mix. 

Sorry about the weird look . . . I am sure that I must have done something in inadvertently.  Just enough knowledge to be dangerous as they say ūüėČ  If anyone has a clue OR is not experiencing it on their blog, please feel free to offer your expertise.

In the mean time, feel free to visit my new and still under construction bio and contact page.

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