Dear brother and sister API’s,

Waddup?!?!?!?  First Virginia Tech, then SF City College, then Stockton, now this week, not ONE, but TWO of our family were caught PRETENDING to be Stanford students.  Wow . . . how soon things change?  Now it seems when folks want to stereotype us, it is no longer how smart and hard-working we are, but rather, “get the hell out of the way, this cat is probably mentally unbalanced” or worse, they are PRETENDING to be smart and hard-working.

Oh how I hearken back to the days when folks were just surprised how well we spoke English, figured there is no way we could be good at sports, questioned our masculinity and/or just loved us because we were exotic.  Yes, those where the good old days, simple stereo-types that helped us get jobs, helped me get away with stuff that an good Asian kid would never do and in the case of my API sisters, got dates with white guys 😉

Our recent actions are making racists everywhere scratching their heads in disbelief.  Aren’t Asian Americans one dimensional immigrant interlopers who can’t drive, but for some reason just “get” calculus?  Apparently not.  As it turns out, we too are a complex people and capable perpetrating the same crazy dysfunctional [bleep] that everyone else is.  Go figure.

So, I guess we just have to accept the fact that, while there are some wonderful things about being Asian American, we are crazy too . . . just like everyone else.  SHOCKER!


PS: While it does seem crazy in this day and age, but blatant signs of racism and oppression still exist.  Maybe not in the same ways, but it is still there always waiting for us to think humanity is “over” race.  I’m just saying.

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