Young_women_preachers Props to my sister preachers out there who are finally getting an event that will look at issues distinct to female preachers who happen to be on the younger side of things, under 40.  Sad, that if I were a women – no joke please – I would be too old.  Oh well . . .

Funded by the Louisville Institute as part of the "Young Clergy Women Project" they are being intentional about bringing together not just recognized clergy from denominations that ordain women, but also from ones that do not.  There is also funding available for folks who may not be able to afford it.  Plus, Anna Carter Florence will be the main instructor.  Awesome preacher.

From the main blog site:
August 6-10, 2007
Cathedral College for Preachers
National Cathedral, Washington DC

Who "counts" as clergy for the purposes of the conference?

  • ordained women
  • probationary elders in the United Methodist Church
  • Deacons
    (transitional or permanent) in the Episcopal Church, USA, Evangelical
    Lutheran Church in America or United Methodist Church

Who "counts" as exempted?

  • Young
    women from traditions (such as the Society of Friends) that do not
    ordain anyone, but who are acting in the role similar to that of pastor
    or chaplain/campus minister.
  • Young women who are serving as
    pastor or chaplain/campus minister to denominations that do not ordain
    women. (Examples: Roman Catholic campus minister, minister to young
    children in various conservative evangelical groups, etc.)
  • Lesbian
    or bisexual young women who are serving as pastor or chaplain/campus
    minister in denominations that do not ordain lesbian or bisexual women

So basically, regardless of your denomination’s stance on ordination of women, for those who have women filling roles that require pastoral duties, if we have any say, juice, authority or power to help someone get there who needs to be, lets step up.  Opportunities like this do not come around all that often.

h/t: Ladyburg

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