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Ever have one of those tiring, but blessed weeks? Nothing huge, but all good.   My Top Ten from the week . . .

  1. What was that sound?  Oh yes, the pleasant sound of a broom sweeping.  Why yes, I am a bad winner. 5-3, 6-0, 2-0 . . . wowza!
  2. The girls had there annual dance recital.  Very fun and once again Spark of Creation Dance Studio shows why they are so good at developing the whole child.  All three girls are growing by leaps and bounds!
  3. The girl’s after school program, CASA, had their annual musical and it was wonderful as ever.  This year was the Bubble Family Big Top.  Abby was in rare form, just coming off of a dance recital and Evelyn was just charming as the four-legged circus freak.
  4. Bought my Father’s Day gift as we are going to see a Drum and Bugle Corps show on Sunday. The Moonlight Classic is one that went to every for most of my childhood either with my grandmother or while marching in the Mandarins Drum and Bugle Corps.
  5. Learned a little about Drupal this week as we have some folks at MBCC who are going to take us to Web 2.0, urban hipster Jesus style 😉 Sweet.
  6. Tried to go to the Haight Ashbury  Street Faire, no parking . . . next year, the bus.
  7. Finally finished Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest and it wasn’t nearly as bad as everyone had said.  Goes to show you what lowered expectations will get ya.  Now we can see #3.
  8. After failing miserably at doing something creative after church (see #6) and ending up eating at our standard eating establishment, we ending up caving and taking the girls to see Surf’s Up.  Fun flick, but I do find it disturbing that my crush is growing on Zooey Deschanel of Elf fame AND is Shia LeBeouf in freaking EVERYTHING these days?
  9. The girls said goodbye to Snorkle, the turtle, after a few weeks of turtle-sitting.  The reptile sure did charm all the ladies in the house.
  10. Looks like the RCP Family is relocating to another part of SF.  Renting out the house and making a sacrificial short-term move for hoped for long-term benefits.  Girls are getting used to the idea, but bribes are on their way.  More to come!

Hope your week was filled with good times as well!

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