I love my family.  We have some pretty amazing people who have done some amazing things. Today I lift up the 5 Chow-side cousins.  Not that we don’t each have our neurosis like any family – that is a whole other post – but for the most part I genuinely appreciate my cousins for the all-around good peeps that they are.  We have theater cousin, web-design cousin, med school cousin and the youngest and now famous . . . sleep study cousin, as published in both the LA Times.

Sleep: The ultimate performance enhancer
Basketball players ran faster and made more free throws after sleeping more than normal.
By Jeannine Stein, Time Staff Writer, June 18, 2007
Getting a good night’s sleep has its rewards, such as reduced fatigue and better concentration. For athletes, the benefits may be even bigger — faster speed and improved performance. Those are the findings from a recent, albeit small study in which college basketball players fared better on sprints and free throws after sleeping more than they normally did. "Athletes understand how important training is, and nutrition, but there’s a third component that makes a big difference in how they perform — sleep," says Cheri Mah [and Bruce’s Cousin], lead author of the study presented last week at the Associated Professional Sleep Societies’ meeting in Minneapolis. [full LA Times article]

Congrats Cheri.  When you are a famous sleep-study consultant for the professional sports, don’t forget that every professional sports team also needs a chaplain.

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