After reading the 10 Most Beautiful Social Networks over at Mashable, I began to wonder to myself, what does make a good social network?  Yes, I do actually wonder these things.   Is it the content, the exclusiveness, the usability, etc.?  I wonder.

Well, I must say that I do think much of it is in the looks.  Shallow and snobby, maybe, but also shows an attention to and appreciate for detail, design and feel.  But it also must be real or to overuse the word, "authentic" to who the site is made up of.   Like churches, cafes and people who have some of the outward signs of a particular nomenclature, if it ain’t real the masquerade will eventually be revealed. 

Take for instance the turmoil over at jpg.mag, I would have also added them to the list, but no matter the "cool" factor, I can’t support the good looking machine because of what we know went on there.

And oh yes, while I am already on some of the top 10, I am so joining Shelfari.

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