Luther Vandross’ "A House is Not a Home" – if this is on your iPod, you ARE old, cool, but old – has been the soundtrack of the moving saga.  Today as we moved into our next stop for the next 10 days, Abby was reflecting on how this was the first time she has EVER moved.  For the most part the girls have done pretty well – we have raised them for adaptability – there has been some sadness about leaving the only house the two little ones have ever know. 

As we talked about today, Abby asked me how many times I have moved.  As I recounted, the memories come flooding back.  Far too many to recount, but for those who have walked with the Reyes-Kim-Gibbs-Chow families, some of these places may bring back some memories . . . and hey, help me fill in the blanks as my memory is indeed fading fast.

  1. 1969-70’ish – Somewhere in Stockton
  2. early 70’s – Some apartment around South Sacramento
  3. mid 70’s – Rosedale Duplex off of Fruitridge, Sacramento
  4. mid 70’s – Branwood Way, Greenhaven area of South Sacramento
  5. late 70’s – Northlight, Greenhaven area of South Sacramento
  6. late 70’s-80’s – Roeder Way off of Seamas
  7. 1988 – 1 Year Housesitting in Carmichael
  8. 1989 – Port Trinity w/Uncle Mike
  9. 1990 – Port Trinity in the family home
  10. 1990 – move to SF, lived @ 167
  11. 1996 – First home purchase @ 179
  12. 2000 – Sold 179, bought 503
  13. Now – In some serious transition
  14. Sep 1 – 169, yep, just below 167

Wow . . . 14 places in 38 years, and I probably even left some places out.  Not sure if it means anything or if it has effected my perception of stability, but there has been one constant, family.  My family has always been around, caring, cooking and a lot of laughter.    Even these past few days as we have been back at mom’s place for a spell, it was a joy to just hang out as a slightly larger family unit.

So . . . take a listen to Luther’s song.  While a house can be part of a home, even be part of creating or holding back the creation of home, the house is not the home.  It is the love that is in it.  Drippy, cheesy, but oh so true.

A few pics to share . . .

The last load to the dump from 503.  Man what a ton of crap we have!

The sweet view from our HOME for the next 10 days.  Yes, we are RIGHT there!  I could get used to this.

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