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THIS WEEK // A few splurges necessities in name of justice!

Now many of you know that I have a few weaknesses . . . yeah, just a few.  Tech stuff for sure, but also I am the one with the shoes, bags and hair product.  You would think I was a lot cooler.  We are all about breaking stereotypes, so it REALLY is a sacrifice that I make in the name of justice and breaking down the images  and expectation that are heaped upon so many women.  Micah would be proud 😉  In any case, here are three such pick-ups this week.

Jonathan "Silky Dirt" – because regular dirt was just not enough.

New Venturini Shoes – because every urban hipster needs nice brown leather shoes.

Chrome Hip Bone Bag AKA My Man Bag

MYSTERY LINK // Click at Your Own Risk
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