Yes, you heard me correctly.  Tired of hiding in the shadows, ashamed of your technological acuity and ready to bust out your Jesus-loving techno self?!?!?

Still not sure . . . if you can answer any of the following questions in the affirmative, maybe you should think about joining some of us for a church and technology gathering this Fall in the lovely San Francisco Bay Area.

  1. You love technology
  2. You love Jesus
  3. You think Jesus would indeed be a blogger
  4. You think Jesus would have a Myspace, Facebook, LinkedIn or Mashable profile AND would be your friend 😉
  5. The church has missed some major opportunities to integrate the culture of technology in order to grow in body and spirit
  6. You played Dungeons and Dragons
  7. You live in or need a good excuse to visit the San Francisco Bay Area in the Fall.

About all the thought I have given this is that it will be like an Unconference, Barcamp or Open Space Technology
gathering focused around the general topic of the church and technology.  Probably October or November to be held at Mission Bay Community Church here in SF. 

That is about all the guidance I will give, other than helping to organize anyone who might wish to help with arrangements – hint hint hint – and making sure the church is open, this will be blissful chaos and discovery.

If you are interested please let us know your  availability HERE.  When we get about 15-30 people who are interested, we’ll set a date and come up with the rules of engagement.

PS: Even if you are not in the San Francisco "Yay" Area, please feel free to mention this on your blogs and profiles to help spread the word!

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