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THIS WEEK: Five Widgets/Apps to Waste Your Time


Why have I JUST discovered this?  I have subscribed to the RSS feed for a while, but never bothered becoming a user.  So if you don’t know this one, it basically gathers all of your social networks in one place.  So while we wait for Google’s version, this is pretty much the best one.  Still figuring out all the ins and outs, so if you are part of it, lets be friends here as well. [BRC on Mashable]

[h/t: Webware]This is cool.  I sometime look at peoples blogrolls, but with folks that I read regularly, all that static content gets glossed over.  But, MineKey allows you to add a widget that targets your reader interests from blogs that you choose.  So it is kind of a combo blogroll and aggregator where you determine the content.  I have inclduded most of the blogs that I read, but if you want to be included, just leave a comment here.  Not everyone is interested in getting more traffic, so just let me know and I’ll add you.  Also, if you check your stats, let me know if you seem to get more clicks from my blog.

Doodle Polls [h/t: the Corner]I am sure no one has ever had a hard time trying to find a time that works for multiple people.  Everyone with their laptops or planners out and then there is that one guy, usually me, that always says, I’ll have to check when I get home."  Jerko.  Problem solved with Doodle.  This site lets you set up a poll where folks can simple choose all the times that they can make it.  Easy to set up, easy to use and can do more than just take info about meeting times.  I have set up an test calendar time for those who are coming out for the 218th General Assembly – Presbyterian Church (USA) biennial national gathering – in San Jose.  Who knows if we get enough people, maybe we can get together?  Even if you are not going to be there, try it out on Lets Get Together @ GA.

[h/t: Mashable]Fliva is a widget that allows for you to answer questions and let folks know about you.  Users can also ask you questions.  Besides a new spin on a personal info widget, the interface is very cool and smooth.  Quick registration.

MyHeritage Celebrity Look-Alike [h/t: Introvert]
This is too funny.  I think I can live with Robert Downey Jr. and Jesse Martin, but Sean Lennon has got to go. I was us worried that I would be matched up with every Asian Celeb in the database.   Beware the celebrities you get matched up with depend greatly on the picture you give.

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