Mission Bay Communities Church’s
All-Church Picnic

Monday, September 3

No plans for Labor Day?
Now you have something to do! You are invited to join this great group of folks for a day or fellowship, food and fun! 

This invitation is for you if . . .

  • You live in or around the SF Bay Area
  • You have always wanted to meet some of these wacky yet lovable Mission Bay Community Church yahoos
  • You are already connected to MBCC, but have for the past few months been living under a rock so you have not heard any of bizzillion announcements about said picnic.
  • You just need a casual place to hang and take advantage of the following "Why you should come" list.

Why you should come . . .

  • I got a new grill that will have it’s inaugural usage . . . grunt, grunt, scratch
  • Games, prizes and a very cool brief service of worship where we will Baptize someone
  • Flag football where a bunch of old people run around and act much younger
  • Come on, what is more wholesome than a church picnic on Labor Day

So . . . if you think you might make it

  • Be ready to be somewhere on Monday at Noon
  • eMail me for for exact directions and other contact folk who need to know you are coming.
  • Hunt and Gather quickly because this is a BYOM – Bring Your Own Meat (or veggie) deal!

Hope to see you all there!

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