Okay . . . I will admit that most folks could care less about my moving and yeah, maybe this should be over on our personal blog, but I am feeling kind of Yertyl’ish as we finish up day one of the big move.

Bow down and worship me O all ye poser packers because you can’t hold my dolly when it comes to packing!  Thanks to traumatic teenage packing training by uber-packer, step-father, JBG, I have honed my packing skills over the years.  Yes, you may kiss my ring.

We are are not down to the remnants with 2/3 of a pod left to spare.  One difference is that this time we hired some muscle while I stayed below and packed.  Ahhh the good life.  It was a good day in packing land.

Behold . . . 280 square feet of pod packed manna!

And before you say anything, yes, I did fill in those 7" x 7" gaps after these pictures were taken.

Now we are done for the day and off to see Blues in the Night with Evelyn and a "friend."

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