Okay, so now I am just avoiding packing and getting ready ready for a Baptism class.  Actually we are not doing to badly, just hired some brawn for tomorrow and a crew comes in on Saturday to help us knock out the rest.  One pod almost full, woohoo!  We might actually do this!

So . . . here are some links for your enjoyment

  1. Please remember to keep praying for the Korean Hostages, Day 21.
  2. I am sooooooo getting this SHIRT.  Boo Barry!
  3. BE KIND REWIND [h/t: The Corner] // This looks REALLY funny.  I think Mos Def is underrated and Jack Black has been growing on me. 
  4. Flying Lessons told me about this movement.  Really?  Seriously? And then, of course, there is the group that is anti the first and totally got the better url.
  5. Is this show still on?  Didn’t they Jump the Shark with  some adverted nuclear crisis, foiled terrorist attack and/or actually having the Fonz Jump the Shark?
  6. Okay something is REALLY wrong when tech geeks are being stalked by blog-paparazzi AND I am interested in it.
  7. I lost my iPod on vacation.  Boohoo!  But in my valiant search to find it, I stumbled upon this site for  the truly honest and righteous.
  8. If you are easily distracted by shiny things, have something serioust to avoid doing and think you are up on pop culture DO NOT CLICK HERE.
  9. Been listening to the audio of Cornel West’s Democracy Matters.  I tell you, even when he reads the acknowledgments, I feel like getting up and taking on The Man!
  10. Best quote this week was from my darling eldest child when she was complaining that she didn’t have an iPod.  We of course laid on the, "you need to understand how blessed you are" talk to which she responded,

"Daaaaad, I know that I am blessed, but does that mean I can’t have an iPod?" 

Well played young lady, but no.

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