It has begun . . . .

After 7 years in a current location we are renting out our house and moving to a smaller apartment here in San Francisco.  Better neighborhood, fiscal benefits, yada, yada, yada.

The complexity of this move is just too funny.  Our grand plan was to move from our house into the apartment – which R’s family owns – with nary a glitch in the transition.  Not to be.  Turns out we are now sans home for THREE friggin’ weeks, one of which being the first week of school.  Oh joy. I guess we’ll be commuting about an hour from my mom’s and then the girls will be living the Suite Life for a couple weeks as we try to settle in for school.

So today, the short term storage pods from Song Storage were delivered – not the pretty pink ones in the ad, but great service and prices – and the kitchen has been packed up.  Office is packed, the girls rooms are almost there, I guess we are REALLY moving.  No time to grieve, just enough time to pack so when friends/family come this weekend help load the pods, we’ll be ready.

No grand learnings of reflections at least not yet.

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