Dogκακό δύσοσμο σκυλί
나쁜 냄새 나는 개
mau aroma acossa
Schlechter übel riechender Hund
плохо вонючая собака
dårlig lukt hund
كلب سيّئة كريه رائحة
den stinka dåligan förföljer

Now I don’t know how many of these translations of "Bad smelly dog" are correct, but boo to the bad smelly dog that lived in the apartment before us.  The plan was to have the carpets cleaned of ode to pooch by today, storage pods delivered tomorrow and unloaded and unpacked by Labor Day.  Drat and double drat . . . Steam cleaning, fully aired out and we can still smell the dog.  So the debate rages on.  How bad to we want to get into the new house.  Poor Ab just wants to be settled.  Could we live with the smell?  Yes, that is how bad we want to get settled . . . can we live with the smell?  So . . . new plan.  Storage pods still get delivered tomorrow, carpet ordered and measured on Friday and installed on Tuesday.  And, yes, move in NEXT week.  O joy.

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