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THIS WEEK // A great big lists of lists

  1. Travel and Leisure’s – Can I get a "Yay Area" whoop! – Top 10 Cities in the World
  2. Brian Bailey’s – Church Blogger Extraodinaire – Top 10 reasons I’m still using Firefox instead of Safari
  3. Mashable’s – You want some tech with your geekiness? – 100+ Tools For Flickr Addicts
  4. Pinoy Blogero’s – Filipino blogging monster – 5 Reasons Why Visitors Hardly Comment On Your Posts
  5. Shannon Barbour’sBecause my girls like Hip hop –  Top 10 Female Friendly MC’s
  6. Guy Kawasaki’s – He needs no introduction – Seven Sins of Solutions
  7. L2 Foundations’ – Asian American Leadership –  5 observations on intergenerational church dynamics
  8. TV Squad’s – Boob tube addicts unite! – Ten Shows You Won’t See this Fall
  9. Ladyburg’s – I know her REAL name! – Random Tips
  10. Listverse’sBecause you need to know thisTop 10 tip to committing the perfect crime
  11. Listverse’s What was that church thinking?Top 10 Silly Website names

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