Okay, so after a vacation full of blogging coming home to a big move AND church work is not yielding much thoughtful posting.  Today seemed a little more overwhleming, so thought I would listen to an album that is just plan funny.  If you do not crack a smile listening to the stylings of Richard Cheese, you may actually be dead inside.  Sorry, the truth must be spoken.

To have a listen head on over the Music Bar Section of the Richard Cheese Website and just let it play the background.  My personal favorites Baby Got Back and The Girl is Mine.

And bonus of all bonuses, he is playing in San Francisco at the end of the month.  We are SOOOOOOOO there.  We already have our tickets so if you are able to make it, lets make it a party.  They are not cheap, but by that time we will need a goof belly laugh.

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