Ahh the calm before the next storm before the calm before the next storm.  As I type this the two little ones and I are watching Scooby Doo at the Embassy Suites in Burlingame just before we head out for a swim in the pool.  After a few crazy days of packing, moving, church and life in general, we took a few days to decompress before the next round of crazy.

So here is where we are at this point . . . all mixed in with finding local Wi-Fi, keeping up with church stuff, yada, yada, yada . . .

  • Today E is a Summer camp, A & A are hanging with Dad for most of the day while R does some end cleaning.  We move to Mom’s for a few days.
  • Tomorrow the deep cleaning happens at the old place, utilities get disconnected, R starts teaching again, and I get my butt into gear to finalize some Fall plans.
  • Summer still has one more week of Soccer Camp for Ab and An starts pre-school on Monday. Ev. will have one week of decompression before starting 5th grade.
  • Future – Thanks to some AWESOME people in our lives we will move back into SF sometime in the next week to the Lofts at One Powell.  It will be fun to live in this part of the city for a while.
  • September 1 is the hoped for date that we will be in our new place, unpack the pods soon after and then party! If you need to mail something I just posted our new info on our Personal Blog – you’ll need the login info – or just eMail me and I’ll send it.

That’s it for the boring details.

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