During our vacation last week, the girls and I met up with the M-B’s in Chapel Hill where our mutual vacations happened to overlap for a few precious hours.  This was the first time that all six of our kids got together post toddlerdom.  One just never knows how that will go.  It went very well with some very fun conversations happening all over the place. 

While I suck as a friend who lives near to there and I TOTALLY forget to connect – you know who you are and I am lowly butt-head friend – I am grateful for the long time friendship with Nopas.  I have a few others like this, but here are some of the traits of my most meaningful friendships.

  • Transcend geography
  • Can hold each other accountable
  • Really do care about "How you are doing . . ."
  • I can rejoice or mourn from a distance
  • No matter the time away, we pick up where we left off
  • Competition is replaced with encouragement and joy

There are more pics of the day including the funny face competition and a possible couple in the year 2024, not pressure.

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