So . . . the pods have been taken away and we are now pretty much living in the land of boxes!  But we are getting closer to semblance of normalcy.  Here are a few randomocities.

  • Being unsettled sucks . . . I am just sayin’  We are pretty much DONE will all of the transitions, mentally at least.  We do know that light is at the end of the tunnel.  Way the heck down there, but at least we can get to the stove, we’re all sleeping on mattresses and the coffee maker has been found.
  • Apologies to all those on whom I have flaked, been snippy with or otherwise was a jerko.  No excuses other than the aforementioned, "Being unsettled sucks."
  • Ev’s parents broke down and let her purchase 1/2 of an iPod.  We bought the other half since SOMEONE lost his on a recent plane trip.  Curses that it was bought just a week before the new ones were announced AND we had it engraved so no returns.  Oh well.
  • I met this great guy from Twisp, WA who bought my motorcycle sight unseen.  He flew down, hopped on the bike and we bid farewell to dear old Trixie Triumph.  The girls were sad.  My spiritual director pushed me a bit getting rid of one of my spiritual practices, but was placated as I explained it was just a break and another bike will soon be part of my life.  Nothing, after all, is like riding!
  • Listening to iTunes this week: Shakira, Maynard Ferguson, Slavic Soul Party, Richard Cheese and Bell Biv DeVoe.
  • I now have HSM II playing constantly in my head.  It apparently sooths the savage beasts in the morning as they wake up, in the afternoon when they are picked up and in the evening as they go to sleep.  You ARE the music in me!
  • This Sunday, MBCC is having a town hall meeting to talk about the future and our facilities.  A very exciting time me thinks!  If you are connected to MBCC and have not filled out the online survey, please do so RIGHT HERE.
  • We love IKEA.
  • RCP Family Garage Sale, September 29th 9:00-4:00 at our new place.  Feel free to bring stuff.  We are going to try and get our neighbors to join in!  Lost of great crap treasures to be had!
  • We have great friends.  Wonderfully quirky, thoughtfully grounded, authentically snarky, full of contradictions and a tad bit cynical, but we love them.

Thanks for the continued prayers.  We would invite you over, but unfortunately boxes still take up most of the space that we would otherwise hold extra oxygen.  Christmas maybe?

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