On Friday afternoon I took my final ride on what was once my dream bike, Trixie Triumph.  After some thinking, it has become clear that my 2003 Triumph Bonneville T-100 is a needless luxury.  So alas, she will be moving to the pacific northwest in a week until which time she will sit in front of our house awaiting her new owner to ride her off into the sunset 😉

But before any of you get too excited, I am still going to ride. I have not yet come to my senses, sorry.  I am just going to pick-up an older weekend bike – ironically it is looking like a 1989 Yamaha Radian, yes, JUST like the one I had before – and retain one of the most destressing activities that I have.   Motorcycle riding for me is a spiritual disciple – stop laughing – as the very act of being out and aware of ones surroundings while on a bike are unmatched.  So . . . I am not stopping riding, but just being a better steward of the resources given to my play fund.

And now that I mention the play fund, part of the sale of the bike went to purchase my dream grill.  All the convenience of gas without all that gassy taste.  Oh yeah!  Weber Performer!

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