This is the first installment of this hallowed and genteel game.  If you would like to play along be sure to follow the BLOG MAP 10 RULES OF ENGAGEMENT.

Here it goes . . .

  • Starting Blog #1 // UbuntuCat // Solid, thoughtful and engaging writer on pop culture, social issues and Ubuntu.  I can understand two of those three topics on any given day.  I’ll give you a hint, the one that sounds like crazy talk starts with an "Ubun" and ends in a "tu."
  • Blog #2: // Hari’s Corner // Wow, stepped into some serious techno something.  One of those times where I understand some of the words separately, but put them together and nothing.
  • Blog #3: // Ray’s Place of Stuff // Social commentary and general rants.  The Barnum Effect post was particularly interesting.
  • Blog #4: // Creative Hedgehog // Tech-leaning commentary on all kinds of stuff.
  • Blog #5: // Dave.Punk.Emo // Exactly.  Great images. "A Christian guy who . . ."
  • Blog #6: // More From the Can // More faith oriented and asks some good questions.
  • Blog #7: // This guy must hate himself // Wowza is all I have to say.
  • Blog #8: // themolks // A personal blog, fun to browse.
  • Blog #9: // Death by Children // A little too much going on visually on the blog, but clearly FUNNY.
  • Final Blog #10: // I still don’t want to talk about it // Not a big fan of the black background, but hey fun stories.  I mean really, how often to get to hear about Viking Funerals?

A couple of observations from this round of Blog Map 10:

  • I am attracted to quirky link titles;
  • Not all link titles are the actual blog names;
  • Mean-spirited anonymous comments are not cool;
  • Sometimes comments come from folks who don’t have obvious blogs;
  • People pretty much have opinions and expertise about freaking EVERYTHING.  Ain’t it great.

Happy wanderings!

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