This week’s installment of BLOG MAP 10.

Starting Blog:
Welcome Jud Hendrix to blogland.  Jud is the pastor of Covenant Community Church in Louisville where the tag line is quite possibly better than nothing, and is one of the most thoughtful and creative religious
folks I know.  He has always
asked good questions and pushing in meaningful direction.  He has FINALLY entered into the blogosphere with two blogs, Out Beyond Ideas and I Wonder.  These are both in the early stages, but thought I would give him some lovin’ anyway.  Please stop by and tell him Bruce, that crazy SF geeky pastor sent ya!

Here it goes . . .

  • Starting Blog #1 // I Wonder // This is Jud’s more spiritual blog. 
  • Blog #2: // Laurie Griffith // Uh Oh, dead end.  No outgoing links AT ALL
  • Blog #3: // Vox ex Machina // RESTART – Vox is a great political blog that keep you up to date on grassroots issues dealing with race, violence and generally all things that are easy to forget about.  This one is definitely worth subscribing to.
  • Blog #4: // i reserve the right to be hostile // How could I NOT click on this one.  Rapid writing style, makes me feel old, but interesting commentary.
  • Blog #5: // TrinityVA // Good stuff, makes we again remember how activist minded I used to be 😉
  • Blog #6: // Brownfemipower // Not sure my girls are ready for this right now, but someday I hope they capture the same passion around issues of justice and race.
  • Blog #7: // Ethnically Incorrect Daughter // Posts about adoption, politics, and race.
  • Blog #8: // Ungrateful Little Bastard // One of the coolest header images and Cranky Girl would be a hoot of a dinner guest.  More adoption community posts.
  • Blog #8: // Fleas Biting // Seems like a pretty new blog, but Wow!  Take some time to read the story.  Bummer, again, no outgoing links.  Grrrrrrr.
  • Final Blog #10: // Jake Bouma // RESTART II – Okay, imagine that, two dead ends.  If you want to get the word out, link love people, link love! So I’ll end with the latest blog release from Jake Bouma and his Four point oh!  I don’t even remember how I got to know Jake, but there is some good stuff there.


  • Shiny witty names still attract my attention;
  • There are some great female bloggers out there that need to get more notice;
  • There are some differences between those who have been doing in for a while and newbies;
  • I love being reminded of so many subcultures and passions in the world;

Happy wanderings!

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