Tony Morgan posed this question as part of a brainstorming session . . .

Let’s pretend a company like Apple was
committed to reaching people for Jesus. They, of course, are trying to
reach the same people we’re trying to reach. Only instead of iPods and
Macs and iPhones, we’re trying to present the Gospel. It’s a stretch. I
know. But we’re trying to discover new ministry strategies to reach
people in today’s culture.

So here’s the question: If Apple was a church, how would Apple do church?"

Now everyone knows that I am a fully acknowledged drinker of the Apple Kool-Aid, so what I have to say about this needs to be taken with a friggin’ huge rock of salt.  I also fully acknowledge that Apple makes one feel cooler than one ought to and in many ways helps to maintain some divisions in culture and economics that I am deep down just fine with.  With that said, here is what I think Apple strategists would do if focused on the the task of being church.

Launching in an urban enclave near you . . . MPPC AKA MacBook Pro Presbyterian Church.

  • POSTURE OF BEING // MPPC would not ask only the DOING church question, but the BEING church question would infiltrate all aspects of MPPC.  They would also see this as the vital component to creating meaningful community, not so much gathered around a common task, but a common feel and vibe.
  • SMOOTH INTERFACE // Everything that MPPC offered to the community would be easy to use.  Now we are not talking simplistic and condescending, but intuitive and accessible.  They will assume some level of sophistication, but it will give everyone the feeling that this "________" was built just for them.
  • VALUED VIBE // MPPC would not underestimate the power of the "Look" and "Feel" of every setting, class, sermon etc.  They would not go for slick perfection but rather a good solid vibe that would indeed include some evidence of the human presence.
  • EMPOWERED OUTCASTS // In the end, Apple’s success has always been that they can now make the geek feel cool.  Google and Apple are reigning royalty of making even the most dreaded outcast feel included.  MPPC would be all about making the outcasts feel not just welcomed, but empowered to change the world.

Again, the goal was to brainstorm in order to get some juices flowing, so please feel free to jump in.

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