Over the past few months I have had the privilege of sitting with some dedicated and thoughtful activists, community organizers and people of faith around the issues of immigration in San Francisco and national-wide.

A pretty grassroots kind of group called together by the FAITHS Program of the SF Foundation, the focus of our conversations have been mainly about the New Sanctuary Movement.  Today we talked a little bit about the Municipal ID Card proposal that the SF Board of Supervisors is considering.

Obviously immigration issues are complex regardless of one’s political leanings – or at least they should be acknowledged as so – but when we begin to really allow our faith to influence our actions, clarity becomes real.  In the case of the currrent climate of immigration, I am firmly planted on the side of justice and compassion when it comes to the ways we deal with the "aliens in our midst."  For me there are just too many biblical mandates that compel me to be on the side of the newcomer, the outcast, the poor . . .

So what do I do?  I go to meetings to show solidarity with those who are on the front lines.  I try to integrate some messages of justice in ways that are effective at MBCC and try to consistently live my beliefs.  But is that enough?  Am I just finding ways to stay within my own comfort zones, while claiming solidarity?  Compared to some I am stepping way out and to others, I am just another hipster poser progressive.  They are both right in many ways and so wrong in others.  Thus the dilemma of the middle-class progressive Christian here in San Francisco. *sigh*

I’ll keep trying, act when called, show my solidarity, yada yada yada . . . and in the mean time, here is some info on a Hearing that is taking place regarding the San Francisco Municipal ID Card.  For more info, please visit Comite de vivienda San Pedro – St. Peter’s Housing Committee.  And if you wish to be part of this SF gathering of folks, let me know and I’ll get you in touch with the organizers.

ID MUNICIPAL // ¡Todos tenemos el derecho a una identidad!

El ID Municipal:

  • Dará un ID gubernamental con foto para todos que viven en San Francisco, sin importar su estado migratorio.
  • Mejorará acceso a servicios disponibles a inmigrantes.

¡Identificación para todos en una ciudad santuaria!
La Ciudad de San Francisco reclama ser una ciudad santuario. Nosotros tenemos que alzar nuestra voz para que se haga realidad. Este ID es una manera que la ciudad reconozca a sus residentes sin importar su raza, genero, sexualidad o estado inmigratorio. Trabajamos y vivimos en esta ciudad y merecemos una identidad.

Exija un ID
Venga a la Audiencia
Miércoles, 24 de octubre 2007
1 de la tarde
en la Alcaldía


MUNICIPAL ID // We all have a right to an identity!

The Municipal ID will:

  • Give a photo government issued ID for all San Franciscans, regardless of immigration status.
  • Improve access to available services.

Identification for all in a sanctuary city!
The City of San Francisco claims to be a sanctuary city. We need to make our voices heard to make that a reality. This ID is a way for our city to recognize its residents regardless of race, gender, sexuality or immigration status. We live and work in this city and we deserve an identity.

Demand an ID!  Come to a Hearing!
Weds., October 24th 2007
1 pm @ SF  City Hall

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