[Picture of E. reading a book while we waited to ride the Cable Car, my first time EVER.]

Next week is Fleet Week here in San Francisco.  There is much controversy about this annual event here in the City much of which has to do with the flying of the Blue Angels and our Board of Supes debate about whether they should be banned.

Tomorrow we have the opportunity to ride on a Coast Guard cutter and watch the practice flights from the bay.   The girls will have to miss school.  When I talked with the eldest about this, this is how the conversation went.

ME: So ______, Friday we have the chance to go and watch the Blue Angels.  So that means you will have to miss school.
E: thinking
ME: Do you know what the Blue Angels are?
E: Yeah, I think so. Aren’t they those planes that people say are for entertainment, but are really part of the military?
ME: Chuckling to myself. Why yes, yes they are . . . but do you want to go and see them?
E: Sure.

First she likes Ethiopian and Indian food and now THIS?!?!?  Pretty soon she will have ethnic, cultural and socioeconomic diversity in her class, oops, too late . . . What a horrible place to raise kids 😉

I love San Francisco!

And for some SF Progressive Link Love, here are some of the SF blogs I
read, please keep in mind that my reading them does NOT mean I agree
with them.  I often find that reading people who are even more LEFT than I am helps me maintain some perspective.

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