Not sure how you all handle times when things just seems to be getting overwhelmingly crazy, but my personality tends to drift towards adding on tasks whether or not they need to be done and avoiding doing those that that SHOULD be done because they seem too big.   For those that are into Enneagrams this is my "3/Achiever" trying to find worth from accomplished tasks and for you Myers-Briggs-ites I think it is my inner drive to be a creative "P" rebelling against my perceived need to be a "J" in my current role in the church.

And with no new motorcycle – yet – to ride to mediate the stress, what is a boy to do?

I know . . . random thoughts and some link love.  So here is goes . . .

  • I do love my kids, but yesterday I needed to read Metrodad’s Open Letter to All Toddlers, priceless.
  • Post-tantrum – not mine – the girls told me that mommy being mad is much more scary than when daddy is mad.  Woohoo!
  • I have some friends that are REALLY SMART.
  • Paul Ruebens is HILARIOUS in the "Black Tie" episode of 30 Rock. 
    Jack: [regarding the physical deformities of Prince Gerhardt] Most people in his situation would be angry with his family for the
    centuries of inbreeding, but not Gerhardt. He’s too busy trying to
    stave off infection.
  • Titanic: The Sequel on YouTube, 4 minutes of fun.
  • What’s up with the whole pastor book-writing thing?  I admit that I have wanted to write book, but why?  Mostly because that is how one gains worth.  I may THINK I have something important to say, but probably not much original.  There are those who are good writers AND orginal, but that just ain’t me.  There should be some kind of litmus test that pastors should take before they are allowed to write a book . . . and I don’t care how creative of a title it has.
  • And speaking of books, please help Ladyburg develop her reading list as she starts her well-deserved sabbatical.
  • I know what I am NOT: The Anti-Christ Slideshow or KJV-Only
  • The best comment policy ever.
  • Small pat on my own back.  Sometimes I catch a glimpse of not being a typical male power-hungry "lets measure" church guy, it is sometimes uncomfortable, but feels right and just.
  • A "Church" and "Evangelists" blog with 93,000 readers?!?!?  Are you kidding me?!?!?!?  Love the play on religious language.  Just doesn’t have the same effect when churches use corporate language. 
  • My dream titles . . . "Chief Strategic Pastor," "Minister of Social Networking," "Technology Pastor," "Digital Evangelist" or "Minister Paid to Dream."  If you already hold any of those titles, please do not tell me.  That would just be mean.
  • I love my kids.
  • I love my wife.
  • I am afraid that our half-way unpacked house will soon feel normal.
  • Best thing said to me about church in the past few months, "Every time I miss church it feels like a missed an episode of Grey’s Anatomy."  I got dibs on the name "McPreachy."
  • I am going to start cutting off my internet access at 10:00pm every night, because I can stop any time, no really I can.

Okay . . . I feel better.

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