I had this great post, "An Expansive Language for God: Beyond Right or Wrong" bouncing in my head this weekend, but as I tried to finish it off today, nada.  Teasing myself.  Oh well maybe later.

Other things that are rolling around these days . . .

  • As MBCC intentionally shifts from Pastor to Program in our ministry culture, I have been very excited that the phrase, "I don’t know, but ________ does." has come out of my mouth in one form or another multiple times.  I would have thought it would be a tougher transition all of us, but it is feeling good and I am LOVING IT!
  • In my ears today, SF’s Native Elements. I had forgot how good they are.  Hmmmmmm, dreadlocks.
  • I know that Christians can be mean to one another, but I have never really understood the hatred and vitriol that can be so easily lobbed at one another.  Regardless of one’s way of thinking, when passion turns to hate, that messed up.  Can we not still see one another as Christian family even when we differ on interpretation of scripture?  I could be in community with someone like Watchman’s Bagpipes, but if I am going to be called out to be excommunicated, could that same appreciation be reciprocated?  Can we live in a posture of appreciating one another’s perspectives without feeling like we are being forced to accepting?
  • I checked my MySpace account today for the first time in what seems like FOREVER.  I think I am going to prune back my friend list to folks I actually know, though that would mean giving up my friendships with New Edition and Manny Pacquiao.  I’ll have to think about that.
  • After some conversation with some MBCC’ers at Martha Brothers, I found this site to share regarding the unfortunate "Neck Beard" movement.  Pastoral care MBCC style 😉
  • I’ll post on this later, but wanted to give a whoop whoop – yes I just did that – to www.stafftool.com.  This is a church/non-profit online management service that is looking pretty darn good even in its beta form.  Not sure how I’ll be using it yet, but it is on my To Do list to play with this week.  I had an hour or so with the creator/designer and was duly impressed with it’s look and usability.  You can get a  beta account there and/or join the Facebook Stafftool Users Group for more info.
  • The absolute worst SF-Based tv show EVER, The Women’s Murder Club with references to "The BART," things happening in "the Subway" and street shots of supposed SF corners where the streets are as wide as, well just take my word for it, not San Francisco.   Their SF consultants should be FIRED!  I guess I’ll have to revel in the joy that is The Pretty and Snarky Doctor Show AKA Private Practice.
  • I was told this week that I was a Socratic leader.  Are those fighting words?!?!?  I don’t know, what do YOU think?
  • Lastly, some very kind words from Brian LePort about his visit to MBCC this Sunday.  Too kind sir, too kind.  It is nice to hear that some of what we are trying to do actually happens.

Peace out from The City.

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