This week’s installment of BLOG MAP 10.

Starting Blog:
I know many a sleepless night you sit awake at night wondering, "Where is there a juggernaut of Presbyterian Church (USA) bloggers?"  Well sleep soundly because we begin this installment of BM10 over at Presbyterian Bloggers.  And to its credit it appears that there are folks from all over the theological spectrum here.  And who says we are slow to embrace new technologies? 

Here it goes . . .

  • Starting Blog #1 // Presbyterian Bloggers
  • Blog #2: // Cheesehead in Paradise // Good general personal blog.  Best catagory, Crap I’m Tired.
  • Blog #3: // Life and Times of a Preacher Mom // Some meaningful reflections on ministry and life.
  • Blog #4: // Set Free // Finally, someone on Typepad, but one more great personal blog.
  • Blog #5: // Always Listen to Your Pig Puppet // I would you to try and not click on a title like that.  Great blog look and writing style.
  • Blog #6: // Ham & Cheese on Wry // Another one with a good look and style.  Check out The Alan Alda Sensitivity Project.  FUNNY
  • Blog #7: // .hellagood // Wow, just off of surgery.  Get well soon!
  • Blog #8: // fumettisottovuoto // DOH!  We are now in Italy.  If I could read Italian, I am sure I would be impressed.  English blog links?
  • Blog #8: // Crack // DOH II – Hey "Crack" is not Italian is it? Last chance . . .
  • Final Blog #10: // Crack II // Just clicked on the "English." 

From Presbyterian blogger list to an Italian Comic Festival.  The world is a different place.

Happy wanderings

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