Sometime tomorrow morning around 10:00am West Coast time,
the family will jump into the mini-van and be on our way to spend the Thanksgiving holiday at Disneyland!  We have had a pretty wild few months with the move and since we no longer have the space to host our annual Thanksgiving Dinner, we figured Disneyland was the obvious next choice of activities 😉  And while we will miss family, we are all looking forward to a little rest, relaxation and $8 smoked turkey legs, mmm mmm.

The oddest part about all of this is that I will be completely off-line for five, yes five days.  I think I can, I think I can, I think I can . . . .  When we told the girls, "Daddy is not bringing his computer."  E. said in a totally dead pan voice, "That’s weird."  And then another one says in the same voice, "Yeah, that’s weird."  And while I guess it really shouldn’t be, it is what it is. 

So . . . since some of you visiting here might still be getting to know me via the Moderator saga, here are a few more posts from the past that I thought were worth another look.

For those that are still expecting posts in response to some comments, I have not forgotten you.  In due time my friends, in due time.   See you when we get back!

[photo: Brothers Brick]
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