This week’s installment of BLOG MAP 10.

Starting Blog:
One of the very first church/religion/culture bloggers that I really got to know was DJ Chuang.  I don’t even remember now how we met, but he helped me get settled and moving as I began this blogging journey.  I think it was a couple of years before we actually met face-to-face in the DC area.  My plan is almost complete as he has relocated to California, albeit, Southern California.  NorCal is calling my friend, bwaahaahaa!  DJ’s blog is worth subscribing because he artfully navigates the places where church, culture, technology intersect.

Here it goes . . .

  • Starting Blog #1 // 
  • Blog #2: // IndyChristian // Indianapolis Christian site.  Cool concept, but wait for the dude that starts talking to you.  Kinda freaked me out a bit.  A TON of content.
  • Blog #3: // Wireless Coffee Tech // Couldn’t resist.  Another Indianapolis-based blog.  This one gives some tech advice.
  • Blog #4: // U.B. Bloggin // I am stuck in Indianapolis and I can’t get out ๐Ÿ˜‰  This blog seems to be about the ministry of a cool little Indy bakery.
  • Blog #5: // Damita // The blog url is  My first reaction was , "Really? Should we be addicted?"  But interesting that this blog is one that is addressed towards thos with addiction issues. Still in Indianapolis. Dead end, no outgoing links.
  • Blog #6: // Brothers Brick // RESTART – Switch gears for all you Legoheads out there.
  • Blog #7: // Ty // And just like that, back to Jesus.  Man, we’re EVERYWHERE!
  • Blog #8: // Karl Bastian // AKA the Kidologist, an interesting post on the Golden Compass.
  • Blog #8: // Top Left Pixel // Great name and some nice images.  A blog that gives you a Daily Dose of Imagery. I like this one, not sure why. And a dead end.
  • Final Blog #10: // Savage Chickens // RESTART – Because chickens on post-its are ALWAYS funny, especially when playing Scrabble.

Happy wanderings

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