Seems that Christmas brings out the cheese in even the most cynical of my friends.  You know who you are and may out yourselves if you choose.  This phenomenon is very cool and I affirm the inner cheesy/drippy spirit that people embrace during the holidays.  Apparently this periodic expression of emotion also brings judgment upon those of us who are more consistently cheesy the rest of the year.  Now rarely do I succumb to defending myself against insults and name calling that is hurled in my direction, but in this case, I must relent.  I feel compelled to defend my Christmas honor and make sure that folks understand that I do not unilaterally hate Christmas or the Christmas carols.  Yes, I may prefer to wait to sing Christmas carols in worship until post-birth of JC, but I still love the Christmas carols in other contexts.  So . . . let me take you through my top 10 Christmas albums that are currently in the rotation.

My essential 10, not ranked and w/o any snarky commentary.

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