My oldest is cat-sitting for a friend and is so excited as she gets in some small way to have a cat.  You see, I am allergic to the cats.  I love them, would love to have one, but the whole sneezy, puffied-eyed look just doesn’t do it.

The funniest cat episode went something like this.  When Eldest was about 4 or 5 she seriously wanted to get a cat, but knew that I was allergic.  Not understanding that one day she would not live with her parents, she asked Robin.

"Mom, when dad dies, can we get a cat?"

Priceless.  We even tried to tell her that one day she would move out.  She was not having any.  She was going to live with us forever and would just have to wait until I died to have her pet.

All three have pretty much accpeted that cats will have to wait until indpendance, but just in case I meet some untimely end and a bunch of felines show up at our house, you will know who to blame.

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