While most days I do not feel young, and after 12 years of ordained ministry, should this whole moderator thing really happen, one of the realities of the campaign is that some in the denomination will not feel like I have paid my denominational "dues."  And since I have not had to write my Personal Information Form (A Presbyterian resume) in about seven years and have never really tracked all of the ways I have served the church, I am hoping that folks can help me reconstruct my past.  I tried to remember all of the ways that I have been engaged in church work outside of the congregations I have served over the years and all the events and committees started to blend together into one stream of "I think I did ____________ in __________." Sad really.

This lack of tracking could mean a few things:

  1. I am going senile
  2. I seriously need a personal assistant
  3. I simply have not kept track

So any info would be greatly appreciated as I am basically self-fact-checking all of my dates, service, etc.

  • event/project/committee/team
  • timeframe
  • my role on said event/project/committee/team

Feel free to leave a comment or just eMail me.  Again, should the SF Presbytery endorsement happen on January 15th, all of this will appear somewhere where folks can feel okay that this "youngster" has paid his dues.

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