At some point folks will stop thinking that I am just wasting my time on such social networks like Yelp, Facebook, etc.  Granted my pastoral world is different that most folks and the whole 2.0 thing is a natural fit for my personality, but come people, don’t hate.  In fact, embrace such opportunities that may already be present in your congregations via that one or two or 10 people who get and get into the 2.0 interactions.  We as a church in today’s “flat world” ignore and reject the possibilities to our own detriment.

Case in point . . . today I have have received messages at this point from 30+ people who probably have no interaction with a pastor or church on a regular basis.  And no, these are not negative comments, but “complements” via the review site, YELP.COM.

Now I have talked about yelp in the past, but when something has this much effect, I gotta hollar!  Almost 100% or our recent visitors have at least seen the reviews of MBCC on Yelp, have visited our website, my blog, our facebook group, etc.

The reason that today I will probably have 50 or so “compliments” tossed my way is because I was chosen as the Review of the Day (ROTD) for my review of ImagiKnit.  This is the second time this has happened with similar results.  50 or so folks are only the people who took the time to send a compliment.  I have already seen a bump in traffic to my blog and I bet the same will happen at our church website.

Positive visibility people!

And if you still don’t believe the effectiveness of the service and its ability to get folks to church when they are looking for one, take a look at the link to Yelp’s RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS, read the REVIEWS OF MBCC and then read these words from one of our most active members.

Yaaaay, another ROTD!!!!!  Congrats!!  This review holds a special place in my heart, because it’s the one that led me to MBCC.  🙂  Ah, yes, the Lord moves in mysterious ways. . .haha!

The best part about this is that it is not all that hard.  Write your own reviews, have friends write them, invite members to write them.  Be honest of course, but at least make an attempt to get out there where folks are hanging out anyway.  Heck if I know you, give me the word and I’ll write a review for you!

We all know folks are searching.

The important questions is, “will they find you?”


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